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This page is provided as a repository for programmable calculator programs developed by Xelerated Solutions personnel (and others if interested in contributing). You are free to copy the program lines for your own use. Note that all machines work a little differently and the program lines will likely need to be modified unless you are using one of the machines for which the code is written. Most of the code is very simple, and this should not present a big challenge. The documentation provided for each program may offer additional information.

If you need some special program developed, contact XS, and we will see what we can do to help.

Clicking on the program name below will download Word documents that contain full program descriptions and the line-by-line code.


Ft.In16 and Feet
Calculators Supported: HP-41C/HP42s, HP-35s, HP-11C (15C)
Description: Extremely useful routines for converting from Feet Inch and 16ths units to Decimal Feet units and back again.



Linear Interpolation
Calculators Supported: HP-41C/HP-42s, HP-35s, HP-11C (15C)
Description: Provides a linear interpolation between two numbers based on a group of related numbers.

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