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Don't count them out! If you are old enough, you can remember a time back in the 1980s when the mainframes were taken away and replaced with nothing! Many professional groups operated for several years using nothing more than programmable calculators. These machines performed an amazing amount of automation. On better models, programs could be saved and output could be printed. Best of all, when all you needed was a calculator, it was, well, a calculator.

After PCs and spreadsheet applications became readily available, most automated applications were migrated over to these more robust tools. However, savvy professionals still use their programmables for many smaller and temporary programming needs and find it difficult to function without them. If you are required to do daily repetitive calculations, you should still own and be able to program a programmable calculator.

If you are one of the many professionals who have overlooked the power of programmable calculators, we invite you to visit our programmables consultation page. The help is friendly and free and offered with a true desire to help you fall in love with one of these great little machines.

The solutions currently relegated to programmables are typically so small and simple that most users have no difficulty developing their own applications. However, Xelerated Solutions does offer development services for those who may have unusual needs. Just contact XS and explain your need. Our expertise in this area is limited to the HP machines, but if the project is large enough, and you don't have the time to learn how to use your particular machine, who knows, maybe we will.

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