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Xelerated Solutions offers complete professional spreadsheet consultation services. We offer services ranging from help with individual spreadsheets to ongoing spreadsheet maintenance contracts. Xelerated Solutions takes pride in providing attractive, well thought-out and user-friendly spreadsheet solutions.

Download our unique demonstration spreadsheet to experience first-hand Xelerated Solutions' advanced capabilities.

If you wish to inquire concerning our services, please feel free to contact XS using the link provided. It costs nothing and you will find us friendly and helpful.

Consultating Services offered by Xelerated Solutions include:

Help with your own Spreadsheet

If you are trying to develop your own custom spreadsheet solution and have run into a few snags, contact XS and see if we can help you along.

Spreadsheet revision and repair

Do you have a spreadsheet that is outdated, not functioning properly or otherwise in need of revisions? Does the latest version of your spreadsheet software unexpectedly no longer support your macro code language? You may have a larger problem on your hands than you realize. More often than not, there exists very little, if any, documentation explaining the layout and logic of the existing spreadsheet. Many times the original author is no longer available. Xelerated Solutions can help by evaluating existing spreadsheets and, if applicable, the associated macro coding and can offer you a more economical solution than starting over from scratch.

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Ongoing spreadsheet maintenance and support services

If you need ongoing spreadsheet maintenance and support services, Xelerated Solutions would love to hear from you. Contacting XS costs nothing and, if we can not respond to your exact needs, perhaps we can direct you to someone who can. In any case, XS is anxious to help.

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