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Xelerated Solutions Spreadsheet Design and Development Services boasts complete spreadsheet capabilities and takes pride in providing well thought-out and user-friendly solutions. Primarily through the use of macro programming, Xelerated Solutions promotes the development of spreadsheets with thoughtful features that greatly increase their power and utility.

Experience these features now by downloading our unique demonstration spreadsheet. Many of the powerful features discussed below are included in this demonstration. Give it a test run and discover why you should consider making Xelerated Solutions your spreadsheet design and development service.

Please contact us to learn more about Xelerated Solutions' spreadsheet design and development capabilities. You will find us friendly and helpful.

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Familiar and Convenient Controls

Xelerated Solutions Spreadsheet Design and Development Services makes extensive use of standard windows devices such as dialog boxes, selection buttons, drop-downs, option buttons, and checkboxes. Use of these features ensures intuitive navigation, selection, printing, data input and other user functions.

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Data and Formula Protection and Restoration

Proper development techniques result in spreadsheet designs which are able to control and enforce established standards. Means should be provided in the design to restore accidentally or intentionally overwritten standard parameters or formulas. Indicators should also be provided in the design to inform when any of these important parameters are no longer at their intended standard values.

Custom Menus and Toolbars

Some custom spreadsheets require development of new menus or toolbars. Use of dynamic updating and rewriting of the toolbars and menus and the controlling of the user's movement through the spreadsheet can provide a high degree of control in applications that require it.

Data Checking, Verification and Correction Features

A well designed and developed spreadsheet should be able to check for improper input or output results and to display appropriate suggestions, warning messages, possible reasons and solutions.

Other Xelerated Solutions Spreadsheet Design and Development Features:

Term Definitions - Many spreadsheets have variable names or other terms with very specific meanings. Careful development can provide spreadsheet designs with on-the-fly definitions for such terms. This can also be a good way to document the knowledge and experience of company experts.

User Assistance - A well developed spreadsheet can also provide advice or "best guesses" to help prevent mistakes or to insure optimal results.

Documentation of important spreadsheet formulas and procedures - For many complicated spreadsheet designs, many hours, or even days, have been spent in the development of the necessary formulas and procedural routines used within the spreadsheet design. This is also true for the macro programming. Spreadsheet development is not complete until this information has been well documented for future use. The time will almost always come when there is a need to modify the spreadsheet design. Proper documentation can save hours of future development time that may be spent trying to determine how a particular formula or routine was derived.

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