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You and your employees are more likely to have a spreadsheet program available than almost any other form of automation. Let Xelerated Solutions help you put this tool to some serious use.

Xelerated Solutions invites you to visit the links below or, better yet, download our unique demonstration spreadsheet to see how productive and powerful spreadsheet solutions can be.


If you have a question about a spreadsheet you are developing. Xelerated Solutions hosts an on-line discussion forum. Visit the forum and tap into the vast amount of knowledge available. The answer is out there.


If you run into more difficult problems than can be resolved using on-line discussion forum, Xelerated Solutions offers consultation services for a reasonable fee.


Xelerated Solutions offers complete start to finish turn-key spreadsheet solutions. We can also help revise outdated or incorrectly functioning spreadsheets. Our services may be contracted on a job-by-job basis or retained to provide ongoing spreadsheet development and maintenance. Go to the development section to learn more about the quality and thought put into the spreadsheet solutions developed by Xelerated Solutions.

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