Customer Testimonials

Here is what some of our customers have to say about the spreadsheet services provided by Xelerated Solutions:

Focus Services

Daron Nay of Focus
"I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how pleased I am with the spreadsheet Xelerated Solutions developed to help me manage my AVN report. Even though the work this spreadsheet performs is relatively simple and this must have been one of your smaller contracts, I just wanted to thank you for the interest and care you took in its development and presentation. All the features I asked for were accomplished in a fashion much more eloquent than I imagined. And the addition of the "Focus" menu selection drop-down was a very nice touch I really was not expecting. Allowing all the required functions of the spreadsheet to be accomplished directly from the keyboard, after a little practice, made the job go even faster. This spreadsheet is a real work of art, and I thank you again for caring to give this small project your very best effort and, also, for the very reasonable cost.

Daron Nay"

Olympus Technologies, Inc

"Thank you for your updates to the “CHEX” heat exchanger design spreadsheet. It now provides the additional flexibility we needed to handle more unusual designs. The new drop-down selection tables speed up the input of consistent design
Jeff Wight of OTI
data and we really like the added pop-up messages, particularly those which warn of potential design issues.

"At about 6 hours of design work saved per project, the cost of the spreadsheet will be paid back in just a few months.

"The spreadsheets you have provided us save hundreds of hours of tedious computations. We are pleased with their consistent format, ease-of-use, and accuracy. The time savings gives us the flexibility to iterate through many alternate solutions so that we can obtain the best designs possible. Also their professional appearance have made it easier to obtain the consulting engineers' design approval. The engineering experience of the spreadsheet designer really shines through.

"In addition, we are so confident in the results provided by our XS spreadsheets, we have been able to totally eliminate the money we used to add to each bid for warranty reserve.

"We will definitely be looking to XS for continued spreadsheet design support."

Jeff Wight
OTI Marketing

Trim Art, Inc.

"When I contracted with Xelerated Solutions for my estimating spreadsheet I didn't know if it would really do what I wanted and needed it to do. I met with Lynn and told him the basics of what my company did and what I needed this program to accomplish. I had been looking for a bidding program for some time, but couldn't find one that worked seamlessly with how I do business. When you emailed me the first draft I was astounded. The program was just what I wanted and more. All
Tyler Nay of Trim-Art
the thoughts I had were put into this custom spreadsheet for my company. The extra care taken to make the spreadsheet versatile, yet easy to use, was well beyond what I was expecting.

"Since this program I have saved at least an hour per estimate calculating into a huge savings of time and also better accuracy of bids to our customers.

"I explained that I would be using the spreadsheet in front of customers and asked you to do what you could to make it look nice. What was provided was extremely attractive. Xelerated Solutions took care to make sure that the entire color scheme matched my company logo and I have always been proud to use the spreadsheet in front of my customers. It gives me a very professional look.

"Very good job, Xelerated Solutions! In the future I will not hesitate to use you for all my custom programming needs and I would be very willing to recommend you to anyone else interested in using your services."

Tyler Nay
Owner, Trim Art, Inc.

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